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Master Iommi
I had the sketch of it lying for some moths incomplete... The time for it has eventually come!
Thank you Tony for your great work on the Metal scene. :horns:
I am not gonna farawell here Black Sabbath... Let me live in lie that they haven't ended still. :P
I think that Tony is my favourite BS memeber though I can't tell why... :XD: What about you? Boing! Boing! 
Metal Valentine
This is my Valentine for Heavy Metal.
Just because I love metal more than anything else on this world (Judas Priest counts as metal obviously... xD). And there is also a kind of irony of the whole Valentine's Day in that picture...
But it also has a bit sad aspect as I drew myself Black Sabbath shirt. :P
To be fair, I am not so good in that drawing style but I want to work on it and the best and only way is just to practise!
Happy Velantine's Day Metals!
Initials Set
We were given a really cool exercise in art classes - to draw an initial. I truly enjoyed the theme and did more than required. :squee:

And here is what each letter stands for:
T - Tom Angelripper
S - Skye
G - Glenn Tipton
H - Rob Halford
Silence is consent.
This is damn right statement.

Anyway, something unusal. I am just playing. :XD: First time I am drawing with white on black. :P Nice change but I prefer ordinary way.
Made with oil pastel.
I have just realised how much I like Motörhead.
Today is the first anniversary of Lemmy's death... I remember how that news ruined all my hopes for good time in upcoming, 2016, year. It just began completely terrible.
Let's listen to Motörhead loud! Play it loud!
So strange to think this is the entire year since he isn't with us on the Earth anymore... I bet he is drinking and rockin' in the Land of the Metal Gods!
Up the horns, my fellow metal maniacs!
As says the title: Do you know what I got?
I got a job! A very cool job. But not for money. Unfortunately.
But this really great job. Okay, here it goes Metalheads: I will be playing music in our school radio! It means that during the breaks between lessons I will play alll that pop loving students wahtever I would like to!
Well... Till they won't kicked me out. (Which probably will happen very quickly)
But there will be at least one brilliant break with some normal stuff that you ARE ABLE TO listen to.
Well, even if they will kick me out it would be worth it.
To show them once what heavy metal is and what they are blaming with so passion to hurt you the deepest they can using awful words.
I'm begining next week! On Monday at 7:50 am. :) Cross your finger for kicking me out painlessly, while listening to Painkiller.


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Proud Tiptonist, Defender of the Faith, Rob Halford's slave, Metal Gods Worshiper, Member of Metal Brethren, worshipping classicalheavymetlalism, speedmetalism, powermetalism, trashmetalism, sodomized, kreated to serve the Gods, Leather Rebel, I'm a Rocker, Lady Evil, Ozzy Osbourne said I was as crazy as he ("You're as crazy as me!"), Diossesed, I go to Metal Church


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